Seoul 2019

Inclusive City How can cities be a place for all, where individuals from different backgrounds and contexts can participate positively and productively to the opportunities provided by the city? This year’s Unusual Suspects is happening again in Seoul City on 12-14th December. Following on from the previous Unusual Suspects festival in South Korea, this year […]

Seoul 2018

In a rapidly changing urban environment, the Seoul Festival focused on creating safe spaces for conversations that matter.

London 2017

The London Festival showed that there is more that connects us as human beings than divides us.

Northern Ireland 2016

The Festival in Northern Ireland explored hope and innovation in the context of a post-conflict society.

Glasgow 2015

The Glasgow Festival was about people power, harnessing creative spirit of the city.

London 2014

The beginning. The Unusual Suspects Festival was born in London to spark unlikely connections for social change.